Apollo Finance

We do more than just car loans and vehicle finance!

At Apollo Financial Solutions we find it easy to stand out above the rest when it comes to Vehicle and Equipment Finance. With a market full of ‘car salesman’ using every trick in the book to get your signature, our honest and reliable approach to doing your finance has given us the upper hand over the motor dealers.
Car loans are just the beginning at Apollo Financial Solutions. This week we helped a business owner purchase 2 new forklifts for his business for the small sum of $54 per week each! Their factory is now ready to handle the extra volume with two brand new forklifts with manufacturer warranty reliability! The finance price from the in-house finance team at the dealership was approx 50% higher than what we could offer! Our new client is overjoyed at the outcome of their low repayments on their finance and the efficiency of new factory machinery.
If you know someone in a similar position, we would love to help them save some money on their vehicle and equipment finance to keep their cash flow up and business on track!