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Is a diesel motor more reliable than a petrol engine?

Diesel engines are said to be more reliable than petrol motors, this is because Diesel engines have no spark plugs or associated timing issues. How do Diesel motors work? The diesel is injected into the piston cylinder and ignited by mixing the diesel fuel with compressed air; there is no need for spark plugs as the mixture ignites on contact. Diesel motors have long been recognised as lasting twice as long as a normal petrol engine, and having better fuel efficiency and economy. In the past diesel motors were looked at as a low performance but high torque option only used in vehicles designed to pull a load. New Turbo Diesel motors have eliminated the sluggish performance of the past by compressing the air in the fuel system to much higher levels, we are now at a point where current turbo diesels offer better performance than a petrol counterpart of the same size or capacity.

If you are having issues with fuel economy, it’s time to talk to one of our specialists. The money you are spending on the fuel and running costs of you outdated vehicle could be put to use to purchase a new and much more economical vehicle. You could end up with the same weekly outlay but driving a brand new car. Ask us how.

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