At Apollo Financial Solutions we access to vast array of financing options for the purchase of business equipment. With the expertise to assist you in selecting the most appropriate option for your business needs. Whether is for motor vehicles, office equipment, computers, plant and machinery it is often more beneficial for the assets to be financed for cash flow and taxation purposes rather than purchased outright.

What's the best finace solution for me?



There are 4 main types of leases available in the marketplace and we can help advise you which will be the best solution for your needs

Financial Lease
Operating Lease
Sale & Lease back
Novated Lease


Commercial Hire Purchase

A CHP (also commonly known as an asset purchase) contract is an agreement with fixed payments over the term. However, ownership is 'implied' at the outset. The hirer claims interest and depreciation against income during the term of the agreement.



A chattel mortgage is an agreement that allows the borrower to take ownership of goods on delivery but the financier secures a loan by registering a charge over them. It is a flexible allowing an unlimited amount of deposit and borrowers can choose either full repayment over the term or a balloon (lump sum) payment at the end.


Leasing Finance VS Commercial Hire Purchase

Business enterprises ranging from one-man sole traders right through to large international corporations may seek funding facilities that will enable them to save money on the capital outlay necessary to purchase an asset while enjoying the income produced by it, or simply just being able to use it. This can be achieved through using either leasing or CHP.
Business enterprises will more than likely consider using both types. The choice between the two will depend on which option gives them the most convenience and flexibility as well as the opportunity to maximise their tax deductions.
Both leasing and CHP can be structured to meet your business’s special needs. To decide which is the best option, you must first understand those needs and determine.

Ask yourself these questions

  • How does the equipment make the business more competitive?
  • What is the most efficient use of the business’s cash flow to pay for this equipment?
  • How long will the business use it?
  • What will the business’s equipment needs be in the future?

The choice of either leasing or CHP may simply boil down to the tax treatment of the asset, including GST, and whether the business wishes to bring it onto its balance sheet.